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I got this note from Danielle and TJ and it means a lot. Last year I got swamped and fell behind, it was my own fault for not managing my growth. To make things better for the future I hired help, implimented organizational procedures and worked my arse off. To make things right we have done what we can to give our customers whatever they need to make them happy. We worked very hard to get caught up and finally we are. It was a long process and we plan to stay on top of things now. Thank you Danielle and TJ for your patience and understanding. I’m glad you are enjoying your book and disc full of images!

Cory Ann –

The album is wonderful – we love it! We are happy with how you were able to take care of everthing, and we really appreciate the dvd. It’s so nice to go back and look at all of the pictures from our special day.

You have a great talent. Thank you for sharing it with us along with your hard work.

Danielle + TJ

Sioux Falls Photography