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Veterans Day 2016

As a day to honor those who serve in the United States Armed Forces, Veterans Day stands as the holiday I hold most dear. Those who know me know I’m fiercely patriotic and believe not only in honoring those who have served but in living the freedoms that their sacrifices have allowed us. Freedoms that all individuals should have the opportunity to experience. I am acutely aware that who I am and the privileges I have would not be if it weren’t for others who stood up and fought before me. And for their sacrifice, I am grateful not just today, but every day. Thank you to all of my friends and family who have served or are currently serving. I am fortunate to know so many of you that I could not possibly list you all. For love of country.

Cory Ann

Sioux Falls Photography

South Dakota Wedding Magazine

I know I’ve been absent. I’ve been busy. I didn’t fathom the time it takes to work on and in two businesses. Good thing AC Ellis is so smooth sailing at this point, because every extra second seems to go to my other business venture SD Wedding Style.

My good friend Leah Moller and I co-founded it a few years ago and have been slowly building it up to be the definitive resource for weddings in the area. We have a ways to go, but progress is being made by leaps and bounds. Our little SDWS family is awesome and we are so excited to launch South Dakota Wedding Style Magazine. It is the first of it’s kind in the area, full of stylized shoots, real weddings, planning tips, DIY’s and so so much more. Our writers are from the area, are locations are available to rent and our photographers are some of the best SD has to offer. So if you have a chance read a bit more about it below in our official release, download the digital copy for free and please share with the world. It may be focused on our little part of the country, but it’s applicable to weddings everywhere.


SD Wedding Magazine

Well, ladies and gentleman: it’s here. Our months and months of preparation, of styling shoots, of editing photos and layouts, they are officially “in the can”. And now – boy, oh boy – NOW is when it really gets good. (Like so good, we can hardly contain ourselves!)

Brides and grooms, wedding lovers of all ages, we at SDWS (excitedly!) present to you today, our premiere issue of SDWS the Magazine!

With over 100 pages of images, advice and details to help you design the wedding of your dreams right here in the Midwest, (all from some of the area’s most reputable vendors) we hope you find the pages as inspirational, aspirational, and helpful as we intended them to be. We’ve featured five ohso-fabulous local couples, and the totally unique ways they’ve managed to incorporate their personal style into their weddings. Several of the area’s most highly regarded vendors have collaborated with us to showcase current trends in wedding cakes, stationery, and floral design. Oh, and did we mention THREE stylized shoots, featuring what we think are some of the most drool-worthy images, and ideas that are still totally applicable to a real wedding? Yeah, all that’s in there too…

A print copy of SDWS the Magazine is available for purchase by all wedding lovers (near and far!) today; order your copy right HERE.

But wait! Because we’re all about sweetening the deal here at SDWS, if you click on the button at the top of the page (right below our header), you’ll find a totally interactive, (and totally free!) online version of the magazine complete for your wedding-obsessed viewing pleasure.

And just what do we mean by “totally interactive”, you ask? Well, it’s only basically our favorite part about the magazine launch! (Other than the actual mag, that is…) In addition to linking each of our vendor listings directly to that vendor’s own website (easily connecting you to the wedding professionals you love), but hidden throughout the pages are links to tons of additional photos, behind the scenes info and other goodness that we just couldn’t fit in the print edition. Total bonus!

So click on the link and join us in celebration. Our goal was to create a definitive resource and immaculately curated source of inspiration for every type of Midwestern couple, and we so sincerely hope that’s exactly what you’ll find. Click around and tell us what you think.

The SDWS Team

Wedding Style Mag Issue 1

By SD Wedding Style LLC. in SD Wedding Style

130 pages, published 7/9/2012

South Dakota Wedding Style

Flow Troll Minnow Bucket

This is the original prototype of the Flow Troll Minnow Bucket. I photographed it for the family reunion and turned it into a graphic and stamped it onto the invitations. It was invented by Andy’s grandfather TJ Unger and he held the patent on it for many years. If you have a current minnow bucket check the bottom look for the T.J. Unger imprinted on the bottom. When we see them at yard sales we always snag them up to make sure all the grand and great-grandkids have one, even if it is lovingly used.

Sioux Falls PhotographySioux Falls Photography

Ellis Valentine 2012

I have fun doing valentine’s cards every year with Ayden. Last year I started sending them to family as well. We still have great great grandparents alive and I think it’s nice to send something because we are so far away.

This year Ayden did a smore valentine for his class and we did a card with all three boys (yes 3 includes Guinness) for the family and friends.

Sending you Smore love! With tags from Envision Wedding Studio
Sioux Falls Photographer

The images:
Sioux Falls Photographer
Sioux Falls Photographer
The card: with out the acellis.com and we checked the box for each person the card went to.
Sioux Falls PhotographerSioux Falls Photographer

Kaleb’s 15th Birthday Party : South Dakota Photography

Birthday parties for teenage boys aren’t nearly as much fun as little boys and girls, but we still did a few things to make it his own. Like his chevron orange and white invitations by Envision Wedding Studio and custom cake. Kaleb doesn’t like regular cake so The Cake Lady’s made this rice crispy treat and special k bar cake just for him. After cake and brats Kaleb and his friends stayed up all night playing video games and playing pranks on each other.

Sioux Falls Photographer
Sioux Falls Photographer
Sioux Falls Photographer
Sioux Falls PhotographerSioux Falls Photographer
Sioux Falls PhotographerSioux Falls Photographer
Sioux Falls Photographer