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From Gina

One day I opened facebook to find this message from Gina. Thank you for the nice message it was great to work with you Gina.

Hi Cory Ann!
I just wanted to say thank you soooo much! Yesterday was an unbelievable experience and you did such a wonderful job at making me feel comfortable, tell you what, when I left I felt I could do anything imaginable! Boy did my heart start racing when I noticed your new wall photos, two of them seemed awfully familiar, is that REALLY ME? Cannot wait to see the rest! Thanks again you are a very talented photographer and a great person to work with!

From Jodi – South Dakota Photographer

Your welcome. Thank you for the nice note and the opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful experience for you.

Cory Ann,
Words can not express my gratitude for what you ahve done for my self-esteem. I thank God for my memory of the Valentine Piece that Keloland TV did on you 2 years ago. Otherwise I would have never known about AC Ellis! I have come a long way and you have seen the pictures to prove it. Now I have my intimate pictures to be proud of. With the exception of my wedding pictures, I have never looked at a picture and thought I was beautiful. I find myself staring at these pictures thinking I am not only beautiful but sexy and sultry too! You captured everything I could have dreamed of in every picture and they make me feel so good it brings tears to my eyes. You made doing such an intimate thing so easy and fun. Your smile is contagious and you have a way about you that makes all the worries disappear. You told me my feelings about myself after the session were one of the perks of your job but I think it is part of your character and profesionalism.
I can’t thank you enough; I have never felt this great about my body or myself in general. I learned that I did this for Jason but most of I did it for myself. I cna finally say I can see what he see’s when he looks at me. I loved my intimate session; ! adore my pictures and will cherish them forever!
Thank you so much.

South Dakota Photography